Sunday, March 3, 2013

"I am determined, I've made up my mind!"

Do any of you know that children's Bible song? I have been feeling very determined these last few days! A friend of mine at WW and I, almost 2 years ago, did a little challenge thing together. I made up charts for us to mark off healthy things each day from, and whoever had the most at the end of the challenge, won. Now, we never ended up having a winner, or any prizes, haha, but it was fun and motivating. Now that I'm back at WW for a few months, she's been begging me to make up the charts again to help motivate her. So Thursday night, about an hour before the meeting, I'm writing up charts to bring for her, when this brilliant idea crossed my mind. What if I offered for anyone in the WW meeting to get in on this challenge with us, for $5, and we could have cash prizes at the end? Long story short....I explained it to our leader, she loved it, so I stood up in front of everyone and explained the whole thing. Basically, it is a 6 week "End of Winter" Challenge, ending April 11th, and bottom line, whoever has the most "checks" at the end of the 6 weeks, wins! I got 30 PEOPLE to sign up! Haha...I walked out of there with $150! So now the first place winner gets $75, second place $50 and third place $25. Pretty good huh? Everyone was SO excited and thanking me up and down for coming up with it. I felt like a celebrity lol! I think everyone seems to be in a funk right now...I think it is just this time of year. Everyone is so sick of winter, and the weather isn't getting nicer yet so you don't have that "motivation for swimsuits!" :-) I'm really excited about doing this, and it is really keeping me accountable to counting my points each day, trying to get in all my fruits and veggies and making time to work out. I hope this will carry out the whole 6 weeks, because once it ends, it will be only a week till my sister's wedding! I could sure use that $75 to put towards getting mine and my girl's updos!

So here is my officially WI for you guys.

2/24 - 202.8
3/3  -  201.6  ( loss of 1.2!)

I'm so desperate to get under 200! I'm hoping I can do it by next week! I posted a picture of the chart I made, so you can all see what I was talking about. Maybe you would like to make one for yourself too? I hope you all have a great week! Hopefully I will post again before next Sunday! ;-)

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