Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day One Complete!

Well, Day 1 is over and done with! I ate clean all day, though didn't count my points. I'm still on vacation until tomorrow, so I figured I would take one step at time since it is harder in general when I am not at my own house. I had a headache all day...not sure if that was the lack of sugar or not, but it was brutal. My friend who's house I'm staying at, made chocolate chip cookies, and the smell was AMAZING all day! Of course, part of me was like, "I'm only on vacation 2 more days, I will just start when I get home", but knowing people were doing it with me, made me stick with it! Once I get home, I will be trying to post what I eat and such each day! I will post again tomorrow! Sorry so short! :-)


  1. Good job on completing day 1! I know how hard it is to get out of that "vacation mentality" of eating! I am still struggling and I have been home for 1 and a half weeks!