Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let the Challenge Begin!

If any of you have followed my blogs before, you know that I am the world's worst blogger! I always have good intentions, and life just gets in the way, and I put blogging on the back burner. I am starting a 68 day challenge, in which, I am going to attempt to eat "clean" for 68 days. Just so you know, the 68 days came about because my sister is getting married in 69 days from tomorrow, and that will bring me right up to the wedding. I have eaten clean before, for up to a month one time, and as hard as it was, I felt amazing when I was doing it. I have fallen back into some pretty bad habits, and would like to break them if I can. I am going to be eating clean, while also counting WW points. I am going to start off by just eating till satisfied, with healthy foods, and seeing how many points that is...not worrying if I go over my daily 36. Then, if I find I'm not losing, I will scale down my points, while still eating clean. I have my own rules that I am going to follow for eating clean, so that may not be exactly what "clean eating" people would call "100% clean." LOL! I have a family of 5, so I need to do my best while staying in our very low monthly food budget! :-)

This is what I will be doing:

No white flour of any kind, only breads/crackers that are 100% whole wheat

No white/brown sugar of any kind. I will use Agave, Honey, and sometimes there will be evaporated cane juice in my greek yogurt or something like that. I know that's not good, but it is WAY better than what I've been doing, and even still, I am going to have it in moderation.

No or regular.

No artificial sweeteners like Aspertame, Splenda, etc.

I think that is about it. I am doing this challenge with Alissa from A Journey to Thin, and hopefully also with my sister in law. I told Alissa and I would love for her to post on here as often as she can also, with recipes, or ideas, and how she is doing. I am not going to promise that I will post everyday, but I will try! ;-) This challenge will start tomorrow, February 11th, and will end on April 19th! Let me know  if you are reading! :-)


  1. I am so ready for this! A little nervous...but hoping for good results! Good luck!

  2. I am ready to watch you all's journey. I am on day ahhh (does math)day 43 of very low sugar. I am actually thinking about doing a 3 day juice fast starting tomorrow. :)

  3. I will be faithfully reading! ;) You can do it! GOOD LUCK!